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Indian Laws

Will Mediation, the modern-day concept, replace traditional courts?

Mediation is basically part of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The Concept of ADR is gradually rising in India. And ADR is the future of the Legal

Farm laws
Indian Laws

Farmer Strikes on Farm laws: Everything you need to know.

Introduction Going into the history of how the concept of strikes started, it could be seen as a result of the “Industrial Revolution” that took


Contract of Guarantee – Everything you need to know.

In simple terms, it can be defined as the promise given by a person to pay off the debt, to a third person or perform

Legal Awareness Indian Laws Laws

Consumer awareness with an emphasis on National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

It has been 25 years since the Consumer Protection Act 1986 came into existence but consumers in both rural, as well as urban areas, are

Indian Laws Laws

Why is it compulsory to wear a mask while driving alone in a car?

As per the recent order given by the Delhi high court, it is compulsory for everyone in a personal vehicle to wear a mask even

theories of natural law

Jurisprudence Notes: Theories pertaining to the Natural Law School.

Introduction to Jurisprudence Every law student has a question as to why we study Jurisprudence as a subject that is not directly applied in criminal

Restitution of Conjugal Rights
Indian Laws

Restitution of Conjugal Rights under the Hindu Marriage Act.

Introduction Hindu marriage is defined as a spiritual sacrament wherein two-person of different sex consented to live together for an indefinite period for the physical,

Euthanasia legal aspects
Indian Laws

The Legal Outlook on Euthanasia.

The term Euthanasia is derived from the Greek word Euthanatos which means easy death. The word can also be split into Eu which means good and thanasia

Indian Laws

Bigamy laws in India – Everything you need to know.

Bigamy is derived from the Bi-Gamous, which is a literal sense that means two marriages. In general, the concept of Bigamy is generally prohibited, but

cheque bounce
Indian Laws

What happens when your Cheque bounces?

Cheque bounce is one of the most common financial crimes that take place. This simple crime can have consequences for the issuer of the cheque

Epidemic Diseases Act
Miscellaneous Laws

All about Epidemic Diseases Act

Introduction Apex law of the land is the constitution of India. Law-making power is in the hands of the parliament but there is an exception

Basic Structure

Basic Structure Doctrine – Everything you need to know

After the Independence of the country from colonial rule, we needed our Constitution to run the country smoothly without any hurdles and problems. It took