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Indian Laws

Adultery from the perspective of gender equality

Introduction The law of Adultery as it remains in India rebuffs and punishes just the man, and accepts rather presumes the notion that in all

Legal Awareness

Aftermarket Exhaust and Silencers – Legal or illegal?

No, generally most of the aftermarket exhausts are illegal and will land you in trouble with the traffic police. The same technicalities have been discussed

collective bargaining
Indian Laws

Collective Bargaining: Concept, Importance And Pre-Requisites.

The phrase, collective bargaining was first coined and used by Sydney and Beatrice Webb in their celebrated treatise on ‘History of Trade Unions’ and later,

Minerva Mills
Case Briefs

Case Analysis: Minerva Mills Ltd. And Ors V Union of India and Ors

LegalUp’s Snippy:– Minerva Mills Ltd. And Ors V Union of India and Ors a way breaking judgement in the legal history of India which showcases

competition act
Indian Laws

Competition Law: Everything an Entrepreneur must know.

Competition law has been created to give a structure to the working of market rivalry and control the unfair acts carried around in the market.

Indian Laws

Who can approach the Competition Commission of India (CCI)?

Cambridge Dictionary characterizes ‘locus standi‘ as the option to carry lawful activity to a courtroom or to show up in a court. The legitimate ability

competition act
Indian Laws

Critical Analysis: Competition Law from an IPR Perspective.

Contest law and licensed innovation law has diverse involved field and instituted to cater to unmistakable goals. There is a desperate need to comprehend the

Competition Law Review
Indian Laws

Overview: Competition Law Review Committee Report, 2019.

The Competition Law Review Committee which was Chaired by Mr Injeti Srinivas presented the report to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on July 26, 2019,

Competition Bill, 2012
Indian Laws

The Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2012: Everything you need to know.

The Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2012 was presented in the Lok Sabha on December 10, 2012, by the Minister of Corporate Affairs, Sachin Pilot. The Bill

case analysis
Case Briefs

Roxann Sharma vs Arun Sharma – Child Custody

LegalUp’s Snippy: This is a landmark case where the Apex Court of India said that despite equal rights, a mother is more competent to take care of the young child as it is the time when kids need utmost care and support. Hence the custody of very young children should be given to the mother.