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High-Security Number Plate Amendment

High-security number plate Amendment is also known as HSRP, is one of the recent changes that have taken place in the traffic rules of the country, due to the amendment in the old “Motor vehicle Act, 1988”. ”. The Motor vehicle Act, 1988 has been amended in the year 2019 and it is known as Motor Vehicle Act, 2019. The rule of HSRP is the result of this amendment.

What is the High-Security Number Plate amendment?

The high-security number plate Amendment is a recent amendment in the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019. The number plates that India used were being exploited by thieves, thugs and even terrorists. It will make the new number plate more authentic and accountable. HSRP is very difficult to replace or fake. It is a huge leap in curbing crimes taking place due to the exploitation of number plates.

Why did the HSRP amendment take place?

The reason behind the amendment of the act was that the act of 1988 was very old and it was not satisfying with the new technologies and updates that automobiles industries are providing in their vehicles.

Why was HSRP necessary?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) have made a strict guideline to every state and union government to ensure that every person who owns a vehicle must have a high-security number plate on or before April 2019.

The reason behind the implementation of HSRP is that it increases the vehicle’s security, as the first thing a thief does after stealing a vehicle is that he/she removes the number plate and places a fake number plate so that no one can track the vehicle. Secondly, one or the other person on the road uses a different style of number plate due to which the traffic police officials were not able to recognize the exact number of the vehicle.

How Number-Plates were being misused?

Most of the vehicles involved in criminal activities such as rape, bomb blasts, or any other terrorist activities use wrong number plates to track the vehicle.

Even in road accidents, if the people involved do not have correct number plates on display, they can easily get away from any kind of legal repercussions of causing an accident. This has sometimes lead to anarchy in traffic rules implementation.

What are the key features of the Number-Plate?


As the name suggests, the high-security number plate, the present number plate is modified to be more secure.
One of the key features of the number plate is that it contains a 10-digit number which is written with the help of a laser so that it cannot be erased. This 10-digit number is used to track the vehicle. This number is used to create a database where the engine number and the chassis number of every vehicle are stored.

Secondly, the number plate contains a special lock system due to which the number plate can be installed only once, and if it is removed the same number plate cannot be used again. Along with that, a sticker would be issued which would contain an “Ashok Chakra” and the colour of the sticker would change according to the respective fuel type of the vehicle.
For diesel vehicles, the colour would be orange, for petrol and CNG, the colour would be blue, and for electric vehicles, the green sticker would be there. A special thing about the number plate is that the word IND would be written on every alphabet and number at a 45-degree angle.

How to Register for High-Security Number Plate?

The registration of the HSRP can be done both ways via online as well as offline. The link to register online is
Here you can register for your number plate by selecting your state and then by entering the registration number along with that the engine and the chassis number of the vehicle.

To register via offline mode the person can contract their respective RTO (Regional Transport Office) of their city. The person can also check the state transport department website of their state.

What is the Price of HSRP?

The prices for the registration would be different and it will depend on the type of the wheeler, like the price for a two-wheeler is Rs 400 and for a four-wheeler, the price is Rs 1100, along with that Rs 100 would be charged for the sticker.

What is the penalty for violating the HSRP amendment?

We already know that for every violation of the motor vehicle rule, a fine in a Challan form is generated. And as the rule of HSRP is introduced in the country, the fine has also been decided for the same.

Initially, the fine was Rs 10,000 which the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways introduced, but due to backlash from the general public, the state was allowed to decide the challan rate for the violation. Almost a fine of Rs 5,500 is charged by every state in the country. The National Capital of India issues the highest number of challans in the country. The amount which they charge is similar to other states.


In my opinion, the rule of HSRP is good enough to solve the above-mentioned problem in the main body, and also it will help to satisfy or solve the upcoming crimes that are related to the motor vehicle.

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