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contract of agency
Law School Notes Law of Contracts

Contract of Agency: Introduction, Essentials and types.

What is meant by Contract of Agency? Contract of Agency is defined as the situation wherein one of the parties ( the principal) in the

Legal Remedies Domestic Violence Act
Indian Laws

What are the legal remedies under Domestic Violence Act, 2005?

Introduction Violence is a very wide term. It includes every type of act or behaviour that is used either to threaten any person or to

Restitution of Conjugal Rights
Indian Laws

Restitution of Conjugal Rights under the Hindu Marriage Act.

Introduction Hindu marriage is defined as a spiritual sacrament wherein two-person of different sex consented to live together for an indefinite period for the physical,

theories of natural law

Jurisprudence Notes: Theories pertaining to the Natural Law School.

Introduction to Jurisprudence Every law student has a question as to why we study Jurisprudence as a subject that is not directly applied in criminal

Farm laws
Indian Laws

Farmer Strikes on Farm laws: Everything you need to know.

Introduction Going into the history of how the concept of strikes started, it could be seen as a result of the “Industrial Revolution” that took

three farm laws
Indian Laws

The 3 farmer laws: Everything you need to know.

Introduction Every country needs financial support to maintain its expenses. Agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of Indians even today. The

Indian Laws

A Study relating to talaq-ul-biddat as one of the disapproved forms of Talaq.

Introduction In India, every person follows their own personal and family laws, Muslim law is one of them. Unlike in other religions where marriage is

Basic Structure

Basic Structure Doctrine – Everything you need to know

After the Independence of the country from colonial rule, we needed our Constitution to run the country smoothly without any hurdles and problems. It took

case analysis
Case Briefs

Kesavananda Bharati v. the State of Kerala, 1973- The Basic Structure Doctrine

LegalUp’s Snippy:– The Parliament is recognized as the legislature which not only makes laws but also has the power to amend the laws of the

Sharia Law
Indian Laws

What is Sharia Law? – Everything you need to know.

Sharia or Sharīʿah is an Arabic word that means “Straight Way” or “Right Way“. Sharia is an Islamic Law that was made using the Quran,