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Indian Laws

What is the difference between Polygamy Vs Polyandry?

Polygamy is a practise where a man can marry multiple woman whereas Polyandry is a practise where a woman can marry multiple men and maintain

Indian Laws

Will Mediation, the modern-day concept, replace traditional courts?

Mediation is basically part of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The Concept of ADR is gradually rising in India. And ADR is the future of the Legal

essentials of contract
Indian Laws

What are the Essentials of a Valid Contract?

The Indian Contract Act,1872 was enacted on 25 April 1872. It lays down all the provisions concerning contracts and governs all the disputes related contracts

Basic Structure

Basic Structure Doctrine – Everything you need to know

After the Independence of the country from colonial rule, we needed our Constitution to run the country smoothly without any hurdles and problems. It took

Indian Laws

A Study relating to talaq-ul-biddat as one of the disapproved forms of Talaq.

Introduction In India, every person follows their own personal and family laws, Muslim law is one of them. Unlike in other religions where marriage is

Indian Laws

Who can approach the Competition Commission of India (CCI)?

Cambridge Dictionary characterizes ‘locus standi‘ as the option to carry lawful activity to a courtroom or to show up in a court. The legitimate ability

Indian Laws

Adultery from the perspective of gender equality

Introduction The law of Adultery as it remains in India rebuffs and punishes just the man, and accepts rather presumes the notion that in all

Restitution of Conjugal Rights
Indian Laws

Restitution of Conjugal Rights under the Hindu Marriage Act.

Introduction Hindu marriage is defined as a spiritual sacrament wherein two-person of different sex consented to live together for an indefinite period for the physical,

three farm laws
Indian Laws

The 3 farmer laws: Everything you need to know.

Introduction Every country needs financial support to maintain its expenses. Agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of Indians even today. The

Euthanasia legal aspects
Indian Laws

The Legal Outlook on Euthanasia.

The term Euthanasia is derived from the Greek word Euthanatos which means easy death. The word can also be split into Eu which means good and thanasia

Indian Laws

What is False advertisement and its laws in India?

In this practice of advertising, many businesses exaggerate the merits of their product and thus resort to false advertisements. But putting up false advertisements or

Indian Laws

The difference between Judicial Custody and Police Custody.

Police custody means that an accused stays in the lock-up of a police station or at least in the physical custody of the investigating agency