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collective bargaining
Indian Laws

Collective Bargaining: Concept, Importance And Pre-Requisites.

The phrase, collective bargaining was first coined and used by Sydney and Beatrice Webb in their celebrated treatise on ‘History of Trade Unions’ and later,

Indian Laws

Will Mediation, the modern-day concept, replace traditional courts?

Mediation is basically part of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The Concept of ADR is gradually rising in India. And ADR is the future of the Legal

marrying twice
Indian Laws

Is Marrying Twice Legal in India?

No, you cannot marry twice in India as the law here prohibits practising both polygamy and polyandry and even marrying twice. The only exception is

section 230
Indian Laws

Explained: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, 1996, USA.

Introduction When a book or newspaper, contains illegal content, for example, booksellers and newsstands are not legally liable; nevertheless, the publishers of such illegal content

Restitution of Conjugal Rights
Indian Laws

Restitution of Conjugal Rights under the Hindu Marriage Act.

Introduction Hindu marriage is defined as a spiritual sacrament wherein two-person of different sex consented to live together for an indefinite period for the physical,

Indian Laws

What is the difference between Polygamy Vs Polyandry?

Polygamy is a practise where a man can marry multiple woman whereas Polyandry is a practise where a woman can marry multiple men and maintain

Senate Bill 145
US Laws

Senate Bill-145 (SB-145): Reasons for its criticism.

There had been a lot of scrutiny around Senate Bill–145 which was introduced in the May of 2019 to the California Senate. The bill aimed


Contract of Guarantee – Everything you need to know.

In simple terms, it can be defined as the promise given by a person to pay off the debt, to a third person or perform

Indian Laws

Bigamy laws in India – Everything you need to know.

Bigamy is derived from the Bi-Gamous, which is a literal sense that means two marriages. In general, the concept of Bigamy is generally prohibited, but

Dual Employment
Indian Laws

Is Dual Employment allowed in India?

Introduction The number of jobless and underemployed people in India has been increasing, in addition to low wage rates associated with a volatile economy. A

Indian Laws Laws

Is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala trying to manipulate Indian stock market?

Indian economy has been through a lot, from emergency of 1975 to demonetization of 2016. Each time it has shown that it can make miraculous

Force Majeure Contracts
Indian Laws

What are the Force Majeure clause and its effects on Contracts?

In India, the concept of force majeure is not codified into the law separately, and therefore it is necessary to coin or mention this as