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What are the legal issues that self-driving cars face?

Self-driving cars are slowly becoming reality now. With companies like Tesla and Volvo working tirelessly on self-driving software, their cars have already reached level 4

Indian Laws

The difference between Judicial Custody and Police Custody.

Police custody means that an accused stays in the lock-up of a police station or at least in the physical custody of the investigating agency

three farm laws
Indian Laws

The 3 farmer laws: Everything you need to know.

Introduction Every country needs financial support to maintain its expenses. Agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of Indians even today. The

collective bargaining
Indian Laws

Collective Bargaining: Concept, Importance And Pre-Requisites.

The phrase, collective bargaining was first coined and used by Sydney and Beatrice Webb in their celebrated treatise on ‘History of Trade Unions’ and later,

essentials of contract
Indian Laws

What are the Essentials of a Valid Contract?

The Indian Contract Act,1872 was enacted on 25 April 1872. It lays down all the provisions concerning contracts and governs all the disputes related contracts

Indian Laws

Bigamy laws in India – Everything you need to know.

Bigamy is derived from the Bi-Gamous, which is a literal sense that means two marriages. In general, the concept of Bigamy is generally prohibited, but

competition act
Indian Laws

Critical Analysis: Competition Law from an IPR Perspective.

Contest law and licensed innovation law has diverse involved field and instituted to cater to unmistakable goals. There is a desperate need to comprehend the

section 230
Indian Laws

Explained: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, 1996, USA.

Introduction When a book or newspaper, contains illegal content, for example, booksellers and newsstands are not legally liable; nevertheless, the publishers of such illegal content

Basic Structure

Basic Structure Doctrine – Everything you need to know

After the Independence of the country from colonial rule, we needed our Constitution to run the country smoothly without any hurdles and problems. It took

cheque bounce
Indian Laws

What happens when your Cheque bounces?

Cheque bounce is one of the most common financial crimes that take place. This simple crime can have consequences for the issuer of the cheque

Indian Laws

Unlawful Activities(Prevention) Act, 1967 (UAPA)- Everything you need to know.

The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 (UAPA) was developed as an Act to provide for the more effective prevention of certain unlawful activities of individuals

unmarried daughter maintainence
Indian Laws

Can an Unmarried Daughter claim Maintenance?

Introduction There are various Acts containing various provisions regarding the maintenance of an unmarried daughter and this has been a debatable topic whether an unmarried