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essentials of contract
Indian Laws

What are the Essentials of a Valid Contract?

The Indian Contract Act,1872 was enacted on 25 April 1872. It lays down all the provisions concerning contracts and governs all the disputes related contracts in India. This Act is predicated on the principles of English Common Law. It’s applicable throughout India. My paper aims to give an understanding of the meaning of the word contracts and which contracts are enforceable by law. There is a difference between social and legal contracts. The below definition has given by Salmond which states that “A contract is an agreement creating and defining an obligation between two or more persons by which rights are acquired by one or more to acts or forbearances on the part of others’’

Indian Laws

Bigamy laws in India – Everything you need to know.

Bigamy is derived from the Bi-Gamous, which is a literal sense that means two marriages. In general, the concept of Bigamy is generally prohibited, but it differs from the religion of the particular individual. Because India being an indigenous faith and belief, it could reflect in the laws as well. Central laws prohibit polygamy, the exceptions on the basis of Personal laws are also explicitly mentioned.

Indian Laws

Will Mediation, the modern-day concept, replace traditional courts?

Mediation is basically part of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The Concept of ADR is gradually rising in India. And ADR is the future of the Legal World of Indian Society. It is very evident, as the increasing number of cases in India, the judiciary is not able to justify the same. In Foreign countries, ADR is already part of the routine for the Legal world.

Indian Laws

15 common Indian Laws that people are not aware of.

1) Free access to washrooms and drinking water in hotels
2) No lady can be arrested after sunset and before sunrise
3) Ignorance of the law is no excuse

population control bill
Indian Laws

Is Population Control Bill, 2021 constitutionally valid?

Uttar Pradesh population (Control, stabilization and Welfare) Act, 2021 is the bill basically programmed for controlling the increasing Population of Uttar Pradesh, which is also the most populated state in India. The main objective behind the same is to achieve the target of 2.1 TFR by 2025. Also, to maintain the balance of limited Ecological and Economical resources and procure the same for future generations.

Indian Laws Laws

Why is it compulsory to wear a mask while driving alone in a car?

As per the recent order given by the Delhi high court, it is compulsory for everyone in a personal vehicle to wear a mask even

Right to Refuse of Businesses
Laws US Laws

Do businesses have the right to refuse anyone?

With the encouragement of privatization and startups, many businesses have come up which offer unique services or the same service in a unique way. But

Legal Awareness Indian Laws Laws

Consumer awareness with an emphasis on National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

It has been 25 years since the Consumer Protection Act 1986 came into existence but consumers in both rural, as well as urban areas, are not aware of the various rights that they possess as a consumer and neither do they have knowledge about the various remedies or legal actions they can pursue to enforce these rights.

police brutality
Legal Awareness

What are the laws regarding Police brutality and Custodial death?

The killing of African Americans at the hands of police officers has continued unabated in the United States of America. In the past year, there have been many killing such as those of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor that have spiked widespread movements and protests against police brutality in the United States of America.

Force Majeure Contracts
Indian Laws

What are the Force Majeure clause and its effects on Contracts?

In India, the concept of force majeure is not codified into the law separately, and therefore it is necessary to coin or mention this as part of the contract. Various precedents have held the force majeure clause when mentioned a contract valid as the contract overrides the law. Therefore, Force Majeure clauses are now part of the standard clauses in any contract along with confidentiality and dispute clauses.